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About Us

Hacking 101 is an online programming tool, dedicated to helping programmers and/or developers continue their progress without breaking their momentum.

We are composed of passionate programmers and developers who, at one point in our programming lives, felt a certain level of frustrations from terrible codes. Sometimes, these are minor mishaps that seem untraceable to the naked eye. We often miss these simple coding errors and take most of our time retracing each line.

This drags our precious programming time, breaks our momentum, and lose our focus.

We know that many of you might have experienced these situations one way or another using a free premium link generator or any similar app. You understand how time-consuming it can be to trace and track your work to make sure all codes are set and your project will work. It slows down your progress; it represses your drive.

But what if we tell you that help is on your way?

Through Hacking 101, you can propel forward with any of your projects without worrying too much on missed colons, wrong symbols, and bad function. We make your work cut out for you. We will go through each of your codes and identify potential causes of errors. Once you’re done writing all your codes, you may now check and edit your work. Now you’re left with all the time, energy, and focus to finish your project on time.

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